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Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

                To the teachers who I respect, to my beloved friend, and everyone who attending in this place, thank you very much to give me time so I can stand up here in front all of you to deliver a speech.

                 On this happy morning, let us reflect and pray together for a moment, hopefully we are up this morning still blessed with happines by God the Almighty, given the power to give thanks always. And let us prove to keep running and stay away from the obligation imposed by Allah the Lord is the Most Just.

                Well, today, in this very special moment, let me stand here to deliver a speech about Internet Effect for Our Life.

                As we know, nowadays, Internet is very important for us. But, actually, what is the meaning of Internet ? The Internet is combined worldwide network of computers that form a global information network system. The history of Internet started in 1969 when Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DAPRA) decided to conduct research on how to connect a number of computer. Actually, Internet originally used in military and university. But now, general public around the world can enjoy, or access them very easily. The number of Internet users in one country can be the size of the country's technological progress.

People are always hanging out around the world with its luxury world of tech, luxury, and practical, the Internet can be found wherever we are. Or if not, in every corner of the city must have a stall that sells Internet services or commonly called a cafe. Information World without Borders, that's how people call it. With the Internet, access to delivery information in the world can be retrieved easily while turning the hand or eye blink.

                In education, education is one of field that utilizes the internet extensively for interests of the quality of an educational institution. Internet can be says as virtual library that containing millions of information about everythings, one of them is information of education. Internet can be used as a source of alternative learning. For teachers, internet can increase their knowledge, they can cooperate with teachers from other countries, manage communications, and participate in forums. Teachers can find knowledge source from internet too. And for students, they can study by themselves without teacher and they can communicate too with other students.

                There are a lot of positive and negative effects from Intenet. At the first, let see it from the positive.

1.       Internet as a medium of communication. This function is a function of the most commonly used, every Internet user can communicate with other users worldwide. These functions are usually obtained from chat or email facilities.

2.       Media of data exchange. By using email, newsgroups, FTP and WWW, Internet users worldwide can exchange information quickly and cheaply. For example, there’s a person in Indonesia, he made a blog and in the blog contained information, then, people around the world can access it, the other people can give advice or exchange ideas.

3.       Media to seek information or data. Rapid growth makes the Internet as a source of important information, fast, and accurate.

4.       Ease of doing business. Ease of transacting and doing business in the field of trade, so no need to go to retail outlets. It called with MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

5.       Income source. Nowadays, many people who use the Internet as a source of income.

And now, let see it from the negative effects.

1.       Pornography. With the ability to deliver information, pornography is rampant. To anticipate, the browser manufacturer complete with the ability to select the homepage that can be accessed. Only certain people can access a porn site. But now, elementary school children can access very easily. And this is what causes the internet to be negative in the eyes of the people. But it cannot be denied, indeed many people who could not resist to open a porn site. What the government is blocking porn sites is not proven, it turns out that porn sites can still be accessed with ease.

2.       Violence and Gore. The owners of the site using all sorts of ways to sell their sites. One of them by displaying the things that are violent.

3.       Fraud. Internet fraudsters are not spared from attack. The best way is to confirm the information you find on the provider of such information.

4.       Carding. Way of shopping with credit cards most widely used on the internet. The Internet criminals most crime in this field. They were able to detect any online transaction and note cards used code. And then they use the data they can to do their evil purposes.

5.       Reducing social nature. Humans tend to prefer the touch over the internet rather than meet in person. For example, one more fight because the chat, many are in a relationship because it originated from the chat.

6.      Addiction. Can create addiction, particularly those involving pornography and can spend money only to serve the addictions.
Here are the marks :
1. Excessive internet usage to lose track of time (forgetting to eat, sleep, work, socialize). Use of more than 20 hours per week is excessive consumption.
2. Feelings bill that is easily offended, empty, angry, or sad when not using the internet.
3. Time taken to use the internet more and more increasing.
4. It did not work when trying to stop or reduce the use of the Internet.
5. Behave like a negative argument

In fact, Internet addiction with addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. Even in China, the Internet is used as a disease called pathological Internet use.

Indeed the internet today has become a matter that cannot be separated from life, in this modern-paced era, almost everything can be done easily. To send a letter, stay put e-mail, or if you miss your girlfriend/boyfriend away from you, you live chat with her/him. You can find friends on Facebook, you can get an income, you can buy goods via the Internet, you can download movies, songs, and a wide range, even you could do school work via the Internet.

But the internet can be misleading, be careful. Make no mistake in using it, the current rise of sales via the Internet, fraud, and others.

Selective in using the Internet is paramount. Parents or adults must accompany their children when opening the internet, do not let them enter the world of the wrong Internet. Do not be too fixated on the internet. Remember that the real world is more beautiful than the internet world.

I think it’s enough from me, i’m so sorry if I had some mistakes or there is an offense. I’m an human who never perfect. Hopefully what I have to say in this speech is useful and helpful for all of us. Thank you for your attention.

Wassalamu’alikum Wr. Wb.

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